by - September 30, 2019

As autumn is fast approaching and the temperature is cooling down, I am excited to share of one of my favorite activities to do right here in Seoul.  If you are looking for something educational, active, and fun for the whole family, this one should be definitely on your list of top things to do this fall! 

Seoul Bike Tour with We Ride Korea

Our family went on a tour with them recently and I highly recommend it for families or singles that like to explore Seoul. Here are the reasons why. 

It's Safe

I just learned how to ride a bike just last year and I still feel uncomfortable riding in crowded places and on roads that are not straight or smooth. So, I was initially nervous about going on a bike tour all over the city! However, knowing my bike riding level, the guys from We Ride adjusted my seat and gave me tips on how to ride without getting my legs too tired. But one thing that helped me and made me feel safe the most was that they were riding at my level beside me the whole time. They take safety very seriously. They have two qualified guides to go on every tour to ensure safety. One guide leads the group giving signals, clearing the roads, and looking ahead while the other guide was behind me making sure I was following without problems. They have two bike options for you, Brompton or city bike. You can test run and see which one feels more comfortable for you. 

Qualified Guides

The guides were not only knowledgeable in riding bikes, but also about Seoul. The roads, the best spots, history, and content. I've lived in Seoul for 13 years now and I thought I knew Seoul pretty well, but these guys took us to their "secret places" off the beaten path that are not well known to tourists yet. They also know their culture and history. They will explain all the history and interesting stories you need to know every place you visit which leads me to the next reason.

It's Fun

You will not get bored. You will use all your five senses during this tour. You are physically active riding a bike, discovering and observing with your eyes, listening and learning with your ears, tasting and engaging with your mouth! You will truly feel like your day was fun, productive and a day well spent. 

Family Friendly

What I loved the most about this tour is the fact that we could do it as a family. They provide a pedicab for children and up to 3 kids can ride at the same time. So it's perfect for a family of 4 or 5! Pedicab was perfect for our kids US ages 4, 6, and 8. And I was immensely impressed with the rider of the pedicab navigating through small roads and even uphill climbs with my three kids in the back just enjoying the ride!! 

Many Options

They have many tour options serving your needs. They have a family pack for 3 hours up to 3 children for $130, which includes different missions with prizes that make the tour extra interesting and fun for kids. They also have tours for singles, couples, groups, and companies. You can check out their website for details and booking information. 

They provide helmets, first aid kit, and a bottle of water per person. You must be 15 years old and up to ride a bike. There are no age restrictions for the pedicab.

한국분들은 이싸이트를 이용해 주새요.

I hope you take this opportunity to enjoy the weather and go explore Seoul on a bike with We Ride Korea!

*Pictures were provided by We Ride.
*Complimentary rides were received for this post.

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