by - January 29, 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. I can't believe it's almost the end of January and we are well into 2019 now. I hope everything that you hope for and work for will be blessed in 2019 and it'll be a year to remember for all of us making lasting memories.

There were quit a few people asking me about family friendly restaurants in Seoul. So today, I am sharing one of my favorite restaurants in Itaewon. This is where my family spent the most time during this past holiday season and here is why I love this place so much. 

1. I'ts a BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE! (Do I need to say more?)

If you are a meat lover like me, you know you have to pay an arm and a leg for good quality beef in Korea. But you don't have to suffer from meat cravings or worry about breaking your wallet since Tabom has an unlimited dinner menu for only 38,500 won per person. Of course this adds up for a family of five like us, but they have kid's deals where my youngest is free and two older kids pay just 9,000 won each. (FREE up to age 4 / 9,000 won for ages 5-7 / 20,000 won for ages 8-11 / regular price after age 12) I am talking about all you can eat Brazilian style steaks and other meats and to finish the meal with cinnamon pineapple. You can pick and choose what you want to eat until you had enough to satisfy your meat cravings. This unlimited dinner menu not only includes 9 different cuts of meat, but also a buffet of traditional Brazilian dishes like feijoada and stroganoff. Yum~

2. Cozy Friendly Atmosphere. 

You may already have heard of the name Tabom as it has been open since 2010. However, now under new management, Tabom recently went through a total renovation from their kitchen, ambiance to food focusing on revitalizing the authenticity of a Brazilian steakhouse. This obviously means that they have to have authentic Brazilian style food, but they also offer Brazilian style hospitality where the food never runs out and it's served with a smile. The new manger believes having this hospitality is just as important as much as the good quality of food. I believe he achieved his goal by creating a family friendly atmosphere where both your tummy and hearts will be full. 

3. Convenient Location.

Tabom is located on the main street of Itaewon. It's on the second floor of a building next to the ABC store.

Address: 161, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 04351, South Korea  
Or search for 따봉브라질 on navigation.
Weekdays | Lunch 11:30-2:00 / Dinner 17:30-22:00
Weekend | 11:30-22:00

4. Good for any occasion!  

Our most recent visit to Tabom was for a family Christmas dinner and another was for a gathering with three other families when our friends were visiting from the States. It's also a great place for a date night or a moms night out. Tabom's Brazilian style hospitality, amazing food, and great wine collection allows you to take your time to eat, drink and catch up with your loved ones. 

As a family of five and our children still being young, convenience is the key when we go out to eat. We always look for good location, good service, and good food and as I shared above, Tabom offers everything that we look for when we eat out. My family loves Korean food, but it's nice to get something different once in awhile and we keep going back to Tabom because we know that it will be consistently good. It also feels like home away from home and we are not even Brazilians! 😆

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