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Did you know there is an actual Sangha Farm where Sangha Organic Milk comes from? I thought it was just a brand name, but there is an organic farm where they grow their cows in Gochang, Jeollanamdo. My family was recently invited to Sangha Farm Experience Excursion celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Along with 8 other families, we stayed overnight at the Sangha Farm Village to learn and experience the importance of organic and clean farming. During our stay there, we toured their factories (which we were not allowed to take pictures for the security reasons), visited the farm to milk the cows and feed the animals, baked a cake, learned about lightning bugs, recycling activity for kids, and most of all learned about organic farming.

We were so excited to be there!

SangHa Farm picked Gochang to house their organic farm because of the rich nutrients in the soil, clean air and water. Gochang is also recognized by UNESCO an ecological, sustainable development location, which makes it a perfect place to develop an organic farm. I also learned that Korea and Japan have one of the highest standards for organic products. 

For example, here is a list of regulations per cow in order to produce organic milk in Korea:

1. Space per cow: Grassland 916m sq   Barn 17.3m sq    Field 34.6m sq
2. Drinking water for cows has to be the same quality as human drinking water 
3. Food: 100% organic, non-GMO 
4. Not allowed: pesticide, chemical fertilizer, antibiotic, analogy stimulant 
    *Only veterinary prescriptions allowed when needed.
5. Soil: less than heavy metal soil pollution concentration level
6. Not allowed: breeding hormone, embryo transfer, breeding technique using genetic engineering 

Vs. non-organic milk which has none of these regulations in place. 😨

To be honest, I haven't been feeding my kids organic products mostly because of price, but the standards are pretty night and day between organic and non-organic and this made me rethink about the food I am feeding to my kids. I didn't realize that there were such strict regulations. If you are in searching for clean organic milk for your family, I highly recommend Sangha Organic Milk.

You can learn more about their products on their website: 

*If you want to stay over night, they just opened a hotel in June. Online reservations are not in place yet, but you can call them to make reservations.  063-563-6611

On the first day, we baked muffins, milked a mama cow, fed baby calf, fed other animals, ran around the farm, had bbq dinner, and learned about lightning bugs. One interesting thing I learned about them is that their eggs, cocoons, and bugs all light up!

We had fresh milk delivery on our door the next morning!

Second day, we had breakfast at the hotel, fed sheep and goats, had organic milk ice-cream at the cafe, ran around the farm some more, made tomato plant pots using used containers to promote recycling, had lunch, and water the garden. 

* Entrance Fee
48M to 19YR 5,000 won per person 
+19YR 8,000 won per person

*Activity Fees
Making Sausage 15,000 won per person
Baking Milk Bread or Muffin 15,000 won per person 
Baking Animal Cookies 15,000 won per person 
Making Sweet Rice Cake or Ice Cream 10,000 won per person 

전라뢁도 κ³ μ°½κ΅° μƒν•˜λ©΄ μƒν•˜λ†μ›κΈΈ 11-23
Jeollabukdo Gochang-goon Sangha-myun Sangha Nongwon-gil 11-23

For driving put μƒν•˜λ†μ› on your navi. It's little over 3 hours south (without traffic) from central Seoul.

Unfortunately, there are no direct buses or train.

Check out for more information.

*Complimentary tickets and accommodation were received for this post.

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