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I love Christmas. I love the lights, decorations, carols, colors, gifts and gatherings with friends and family, and all the feels that come with them. Having said that, my husband and I decided that in our family, we will not do Christmas gifts because we felt Christmas is too commercialized these days. But we do wrap something for our kids to open on Christmas morning like a banana and an orange for them to eat in the morning. Last year, I wrapped 5 boxes in layers and put gloves and mittens in the last box for them to unwrap. My sister thinks I am evil. She told me I am turning into my mom, who never gave us Christmas gifts that we wished for when we were younger. I remember asking for a doll house one year and I received winter boots and another year I asked for a Cabbage Patch Kids doll and I got a book instead. Our first Christmas in the US, my parents got us American board games like Scrabble that we couldn't even play because we didn't speak English! The list goes on and on... Anyway, I just remember how disappointed I felt every Christmas, so I decided to get my kids actual gifts that they asked for.

"Christmas is Jesus' birthday, so why should you get gifts?" I used to ask my kids. I realized that they are kids and there is nothing wrong with wanting and receiving gifts. I do worry sometimes that my kids will grow up to be spoiled brats with a sense of entitlement. Jesus came to earth as a gift to us. Instead of experiencing disappointment of not having gifts, I hope the surprise and joy of unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning translates to rejoicing over receiving the gift of our Savior in all of us.

I also like the anticipation of waiting for Christmas day. No matter what I am going through, Christmas always reminds me of hope and joy of baby Jesus, which creates unwavering trust that everything is going to be okay.

Here are some of the activities that you can do with your family during holidays in Seoul. I love how Seoul is catching on the holiday spirit with lights and decorations all over the city.

Coex Winter Festival from Dec. 12, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2017. 

Activities include writing your wish on a paper ornament and hang it on a tree, free merry-go-round, picture with Santa, outdoor food trucks, and Christmas decorations. 

Chungaechun Christmas Festival from Dec. 9, 2017 to Jan. 2, 2018

Activities include lantern on the river, taking pictures and enjoying the lights.

Millennium Seoul Hilton Train Display

Activities include picture with Santa, enjoy the golden Christmas tree and train display, and holiday special buffet or set menus with lobster. 

English Services in Seoul

Jubilee Church 

Sarang Church

Onnuri Church 

Crossway Missions Church

Gospel City Church

New Philly 

Kings Cross

Children's Christmas performances are the cutest! 

Orphanage Visit on Christmas Day

We visit an orphanage on Christmas morning to give out sponsored gifts from our church to children every year. Our family picked a boy Jacob's age who asked for the same toy as him and Jacob volunteered to pay for his gift this year. On Christmas morning, Jacob hand delivered the gift to his friend and they bonded playing with their Christmas gifts.

Christmas at Home 

Thank you Gina eemo for the ginger bread house kit! Kids loved it. 💗💚💗💚

Merry Christmas everyone!

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