by - October 24, 2017

In the States, many people look forward to fall activities such as visiting pumpkin patches, apple picking, and eating pies while sipping on pumpkin spice lattes. Although you might not be able to have the same fall experiences here, Korea has many fall activities that the whole family can enjoy! Korea has very distinct four seasons with fall being one of the most beautiful with leaves changing colors, crisp air, and clear skies. It is the perfect season to go out and enjoy the outdoors, hike up the mountains, visit farms, go glamping and apple picking. If you are interested in glamping and apple picking, you can read about it here 👉 Glamping and Apple Picking Near Seoul.

I got used to city life living in Seoul for the last 11 years, but I am definitely more of a nature person. So I am glad there are many parks and farms near Seoul that we can enjoy on weekends. Today, I would like to introduce a Rabbit Farm in Namyangju in the outskirts of Seoul that only takes about 40 minutes by car, which is a perfect place for a day trip. First, we went and enjoyed picking green vegetables and sweet potatoes, and played with bunnies. They also have various cooking classes available. 

Location: Behind the Hill Farm (고개너머농장
Contact: (0) 507-1423-6640 Highly recommend making reservations before going.
Price: Everyone over 24M must participate in some kind of farming activity. We paid 8,000 won per person for veggie picking and 10,000 won per person for sweet potato picking. You get to take home 1kg of whatever you picked per person and unlimited time to play with the bunnies. My family paid for 2 veggie picking and 3 sweet potato picking, but everyone was able to enjoy both veggie and sweet potatoes as long as you only pick 1kg of whatever item you paid for. Our family of five paid 46,000 won and picked 2kg of veggies and 3kg of sweet potatoes all together.

This is an experience (체험) farm which means that they make money by welcoming people to visit to experience farm life. They have seasonal vegetable picking, cooking classes with ingredients that you pick at the farm, and sandbox and bunny field where kids can play freely without time limits. The owner told me their goal is to create a family friendly place where kids can play carefree. You can also take your own lunch and have a picnic. 

This was the green house where we can pick our vegetables.

The lady in red is the owner and she is explaining how to pick them.

She is a natural at the kimchi squat. 😂

Seeing these pictures reminded me that kids don't need much when they are in the presence of wonders of nature.

On our way to pick sweet potatoes!

 Look at Katherine pulling those roots! She is a natural.

On our way to meet the bunnies!

 You can take your own food to feed the bunnies like carrots.

Even adults loved playing with the bunnies. 

 There is also a sand box area where kids can play. 

I love golden rice fields in the fall.

After the bunny farm, we went to eat lunch at an outdoor boar meat grill called Geumnam Boar (금남멧돼지) just 15 minute drive along the river from the farm. This place is kid and pet friendly. I like this place because we “adults” can grill and eat while we let the kids play and feed the kids when we are ready. 😂The boar tastes like pork, but I think it has a little bit of a stronger smell. They charge 16,000 won per serving and rice, jigae, and drinks are all extra. No reservations necessary. If you don’t want boar, there are plenty of restaurants you can choose from on the same street. Just go near Geumnam Boar and drive around to see if there is something else that you might like.

Right next door to Geumnam Boar, there is a café called That’s Coffee. It’s a good place to walk over for coffee or tea after a meal at Geumnam Boar. More than drinks, it has a nice view by the river and outdoor sitting area that is dreamy.

If you have more energy after having coffee, it’s worth to stop by Piano Waterfall Park (피아노폭포) just a 5 minute drive up from That’s Café. It’s a small park with a man-made waterfall and a piano building with musical steps. It also turns into a water park during summer time and it’s totally free!

I hope you enjoy this post and that you will get to spend some time outdoors with family this fall. You can get to all these places by searching for the name in Korean on your navigation. Just make sure all the addresses are in Namyangju ( 남양주). Happy Fall Everyone! 

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