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by - April 26, 2017

I cannot believe it's already mid May! The last day of school for international schools is fast approaching and many of you are preparing to go visit home for the summer. But before heading out this summer, consider visiting teamLab World in Jamsil in May since there are lots of special events going on, 20% off anytime for the whole month of May being one of them.

My in-laws are visiting from the States just in time for Parents' Day in Korea. Unfortunately, the air quality during that time in Seoul was one of the worst days. But instead of staying home, we decided to go visit teamLab World with my in-laws since we had such a great time the first time! You can read my first post here. πŸ‘ˆ On our first visit, we also realized that it wasn't just for kids. There are actually more young couples that come for dates and to take pictures. I was informed that teamLab World is a collaboration among Japanese digital artists to create an interactive digital art exhibition for people to experience imaginative play. So, it could seem like all the activities are for kids, but in actuality they are fun for all ages! My in-laws were certainly amazed by all the graphics, their movement, and technology.

Here are some pictures from our day and special events information for May.

Do you like my ahjumma squid? πŸ‘† πŸ˜†

 I didn't write about this section on my first post because I didn't understand it frankly. But it was one of our favorites this time around. Maybe because it was new to us?!?! But on this table there are these elves that you can feed by making food and sharing it with them, you can help them grow their own food by providing sun and rain, protect them from cows because they are scared of them, you can even trap them by putting borders around them. I thought it was so creative and fun to help these elves survive.

Here are some special events from teamLab World in May! 

1. Family Week 20% Off Event

-The whole month of May!!  
-Everyone that visits teamLab World 
-This discount applies even during weekends and holidays 
-This deal cannot be used with other deals or coupons 

2. Children 50% Off Event 

-May 5th, 2017 
-All children over 25 months up to 12 years old
-This deal cannot be used with other deals or coupons 

3. Giveaway Event

-Special Crayon Set to all children that visit during family week (5/1-5/10)
-Premium Le Jour Baby Soap to first 60 families that visit on Children's Day, May 5th 

4. Drawing Contest 

- May 5th to May 7th 
-Create unique drawings in Sketch Aquarium, Graffiti Nature, and Sketch Town and post them on our Facebook and Instagram with tag #νŒ€λž©μ›”λ“œ and drop your drawings in the entry box. 
-Winners will be announced on Friday, May 12th 
-1st Prize: One night stay at Lotte World Hotel (1 winner)
 2nd Prize: 5 Free Tickets (3 winners) 
 3rd Prize: 3 Free Tickets (10 winners) 
 4th Prize: 1 Free Ticket (20 winners) 

5. teamLab World Life Shot Contest 

-May 1st to May 21st 
-Take a Life Shot at teamLab World and post it on your Facebook, Instagram with tag #νŒ€λž©μ›”λ“œμΈμƒμƒ· 
- 10 winners will be announced every week on May 8th, 15th, and 22nd
-1 Free Ticket to 30 winners 
-Final Winners Announcement on May 23rd (3 final winners from 30 previous winners) 
-Final Prize: One night stay at Lotte World Hotel (3 winners)
-All the winning photos will be exhibited at teamLab World    

If you want to learn more about teamLab World, check out my post: 

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