Aqua Planet Ilsan

by - March 08, 2017

I shared a few weeks ago that you can find all kinds of indoor kids activities in one place, Ilsan. It's crazy how many family friendly parks they have there, but the more crazy thing is that they are building more! Well so today, I am going to share one more activity to that list which is Aqua Planet. It is more than just an's more like an indoor zoo where you can feed sheep and rabbits on the rooftop farm and watch jaguars roaming around in the jungle. And of course you can watch all the under the sea creatures swimming in the big aquarium tank and tunnels, and wait for your favorite creature to come and make eye contact and wave hello.

Aqua Planet and One Mount Snow Park are next door neighbors located 35k northwest from central Seoul. To be honest, I am a little afraid of animals and when I say animals I mean ALL kinds of animals, even cats and dogs, but especially birds! 😨 But I do not want to pass down my zoophobia to my kids, so I do my best to expose my kids to animals as much as I can in the city, which I must say is not easy. Sometimes I wish we lived next to an open field with green grass so my kids can roll around with dogs and chase after birds, but since that's not going to happen as much in Seoul, places like Aqua Planet are perfect for my three little toddlers and for ME. 😅 So here are some pictures from this past weekend at Aqua Planet.

 Watching different sea creatures from different tanks.

 Aqua Planet is also known for their synchronized swimming show.
They have it every hour.

 Meeting this walrus was a highlight for my kids.

 They also have penguins here and you can watch penguin feedings, but my kids would rather ride this fake boat down this fake river with fake penguins. 😅

 Rooftop farm where you can feed sheep and rabbits. 
It's not that big, but once again perfect for my kids and me. 

 Watching the sea lions swim through that ring was pretty amazing and they even looked cute from afar. 😅

At one of the tunnels.

 This is the jungle area where they have jaguars and monkeys.

 Be aware of these toy vending machines that are in every section!
I gave in and they all got to pick a toy.

We spent a little over two hours here. It was nice since we got there after 10am when they open, had lunch at their food court, and still made it home for their afternoon naps! It took us only 25 minutes to get there on Saturday morning and 40 minutes to get back with a bit of afternoon traffic. Yes, it was crowded on Saturday, but it was still manageable. One tip is to avoid all the shows and animal feedings, except for the synchronized swimming because that's where the crowd will flock to and all the other areas will be empty during shows. It's definitely worth the trip to see and interact with the animals and to gain appreciation for them. 

Open hours: 
10:00 am- 7:00 pm
No Admission after 6:00pm
Adult age 20+ 29,000won
Youth age 14-19 26,000won 
Children age 4-13 24,000won 
Baby 3 & under are FREE (with ID)
Other Aqua Planet locations: 63Building in Yeyido, Yeosu, and Jeju

*Complimentary tickets were received for this post. 

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