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by - February 06, 2017

It's Katherine Abby's 4th birthday! We went all out this weekend celebrating her birthday having non-stop fun and wanted to share all about it. 😁

First, let me introduce a perfect birthday party venue for ages 4 and up. It's a giant kids cafe/gym called PLAYZ in Icheon. Let me share some pros and cons, and some tips before I share my pictures.

  • It's a little out of the way. It's located in Icheon which is about one hour (66km) east from Seoul and it's located in the middle of nowhere.  It will take at least two hours of travel time round trip from Seoul. But once you arrive, you will understand why. It's the biggest kids cafe I have ever been to. They have several large container type looking buildings and each is dedicated to different themes/activities. This leads to my next point.
  • You have to take your shoes off to enter each building, so with young kids it was a bit annoying to keep take your shoes on and off to move to the next building. 
  • The food was priced reasonable for a kids cafe around 6,000-8,000 for a dish and 24,000won for a whole pizza considering that there are no other places to eat here. But the drinks were expensive. 4,500won for kids drinks and 5,000won for a grande size Americano. So, I recommend taking your own drinks because with three kids, things added up quickly for us. 
  • We went on Saturday afternoon and it was not crowded at all.  There was enough space for my kids to run around and it's mostly activity based, so no worries for kids fighting for the same toy. 
  • The staff there were friendly and they actually engage with the kids and play with them. 
  • Kids had so much fun and they didn't want to leave! I will share all the pros and details with pictures. I think the smiles on my kids faces explains it all. 
So, this is what it looks like from outside. Kind of reminds me of IKEA buildings. 

Different activities/themes in each of these blue container buildings.

1. Moon bounce

2. Bubble soccer field.

My 27 month old was too small, but they have different size bubbles that fits kids and adults.

3. Obstacle course gym

4. Trampoline room

As you can see, my husband had fun too! 😆

5. Space screen

 where you pick a picture to color and they scan your picture to show on the big screen space. I guess this is getting popular since we already experienced this at the Brilliant Kids Motor Show at DDP. But regardless, my kids loved seeing their characters come alive on the big screen. 

6. Sand box game room

Can you tell that our kids had fun? 😊
There is also a cafe and kids play room.

My kids could've played here all day, but we had to think about our drive back up to Seoul which to my surprise, we didn't experience any traffic going and coming back on Saturday afternoon. 

They also do package birthday parties here. You have to have at least 6 kids and the cost is 40,000 won per child which includes food, and you get to use all the rooms for 4 hours. This does not include drinks and cake. 

Open hours: 11:00-20:30
Regular admission is 20,000 won per child for 2 hours
9,000 won per adult for 2 hours
30% off on weekdays
50% off on weekdays after 19:00
1 hour added for each 10,000 won spent at Break Time cafeteria
30 minutes added for each drink you buy at Nest Cafe

Overall, I thought this place was pretty cool. It's big, not crowded, has friendly staff, and most importantly, we loved all the engaging activities. They don't have age limits on any of these activities, so even grown ups can play. I think it's worth the drive for special occasions like birthdays or just for kids to play during winter breaks. 

Movie Premiere Birthday Party

After spending most of our afternoon at PLAYZ, we got back home for Katherine's movie premiere theme birthday party with friends. Here are some pictures: 

Guest arriving on the red carpet.

I thought this picture was too funny. 😂

Katherine walking on the red carpet as her adoring fans wait.

Other stars that joined the premiere.

Cake time!

Watching a movie

After Party

 Please wish Katherine Abby a happy birthday! 
Thank you for visiting.

*Complimentary tickets were received for this post. 

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