Ttukseom Hangang Park and I Park Mall

by - January 17, 2017

Hello there again!

As you may all know by now, I have three young kids, ages from 5 to 2 and it can get a little hectic around here. Many times I feel terrible telling my kids "no", "wait", and "not now", but sometimes that's the only answer I can offer! I know I am not giving them the attention that they need regularly at home. So I decided to have date days with my kids where I take one of my kids out of daycare and spend all day together doing a fun activity. I can't tell if this is actually helping, but I am trying to think of ways to show my love for each one of them. To moms with multiple children, how do you connect with and show love to each of your children? Please share since I need all the help I can get. 

So, just wanted to share what I did with my oldest and second this past week. 

With my oldest, we went sledding/tubing by Ttukseom Hangang Park. They have two tubing slides, a big open play zone with sleds and snow blocks, and various other activities that you have to pay extra for. The entrance fee was 6,000won per person, but we got 50% off with DaDoongYi Happy Card and 50% off of parking. (*You can learn more about DaDoongYi Happy Card at the end of my Dongdaemun Design Plaza post.) They are open until Feb. 19th, so you have plenty of time to plan a day trip down here.

It was so empty, that we had this place all to ourselves most of the time.

Two sliding zones, shorter ride on the bottom right and faster, longer ride on the left. 

 So empty!

 Working hard to build his igloo at the play zone.

 They do have a food court and a small cafe. The food was good since I was hungry, but I wondered how fresh the food was since they didn't have many customers. 

 Some carnival games... and some other activities that no one was using. 
These rides were all extra 4-5,000 won to ride. 

Lastly, they have a fishing zone where you pay 5,000won to catch 15 fish and you take them here and they will fry them for you for extra 3,000won. We didn't try it, but it was one of the more popular activities here.

Overall, I thought it was a fun place the whole family can enjoy for very low cost. I especially liked it because it's close and wasn't crowded at all. This will be a good option if you don't want to take your little ones to an over night trip to a ski resort. I definitely want to go back with my younger kids.

With my second, a total city girl we went to watch a movie, "Sing"! It was actually a fun movie to watch for me, but not sure if it was the best choice for a four year old who only has a 30 minute attention span. I thought the storyline was a little mature for a four year old. But regardless, my daughter loved it since I let her eat popcorn and juice throughout the movie. She basically finished a large popcorn by herself. She is a snacker! 
Sorry, the picture is really blurry since it was dark inside the theater. 

After the movie was over, we went to eat lunch and did a bit of shopping. This was at Yongsan I Park Mall, by the way. This toy zone was on the second floor.

 My Lego loving girl. She actually asked for Lego themed birthday party this year. We shall see if I can pull that off.
She ended up picking this hat and hello kitty doll~ After this, we took the train and bus home and she loved it. I am glad she is still young enough to be impressed by simple things.

Thank you for reading. Have a great week everyone!

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