Pyeongchang- Home of the 2018 Winter Olympics (Summer)

by - December 30, 2016

Hi there!

Before I post on our family trip to Pyeongchang this week, I wanted to share our visit to Pyeongchang this past summer to show how beautiful it is all year round. 

This past summer, we stayed at Alpensia Resort. I love this area because of it's so open and close to nature. It is surrounded by mountains with a golf course, spas, water park, restaurants, small amusement park, and playgrounds all within walking distance. It is also only 30 minutes away from east coast beaches and Sky Ranch. It's a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy. 

We stayed for 3 nights and 4 days here, but I could've stayed longer!

Ocean 700 Water Park~
I didn't think it was amazing, just standard. But toddler friendly with shallow pools and not too overwhelming with the size and rides. This wave pool was the most popular pool. We were glad that it wasn't too crowded.

Everyone is required to wear a swimming cap or a hat and all kids must wear a life vest, so make sure you prepare and pack them if you have them or you can rent them there.

Second day at the beach. We actually drove down an hour to get to Jangho Beach (장호해수욕장) where you can go kayaking. But we weren't able to because the waves were too big that day. I wouldn't drive down just for this beach. It was nice, but similar to other east cost beaches near Pyeongchang. The water is cold and it gets deep pretty fast, so make sure your little ones don't run in by themselves. 

On our way up to Pyeongchang, we randomly stopped by this beach for lunch and it was surprisingly beautiful. The waves were way too big and deep for anyone to swim in the water, but kids had fun running with the waves. It was totally empty so we had this huge beach all to ourselves. We had fresh seafood right in front of this view. 

Enjoying our resort area on our third day.

After having pizza for lunch at the resort, we went to Sky Ranch and this was seriously the highlight of this trip for me. It was clean, huge, well maintained and has breath taking views on the top. It was so different from rest of Korea that I am used to. Some part of the roads are not paved here, so I wouldn't recommend stroller for babies. If your baby can walk, I would let them loose and walk freely. 

Our ride to the top!

And we got off the tractor and walked half way down to visit some farm animals.

And playground...

I highly recommend Sky Ranch for the whole family. 
Their hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm. 
Entrance fee + Tractor Ride = 12,000won for Adults and 10,000won for Kids 3+. 

On our last day, we stopped by a Temple (월정사).  It was beautiful here, located in Ohdae Mountain right by a river and famous for giant fir tree paths.

Coffee break at this cafe in the temple overlooking the river.

They offer temple stay and school too here if you are interested. 
Their website:

And finally, our last destination which was our lunch place. Traditional Korean food, 정강원. They also offer traditional Korean food classes as well as Hanok stay. In Korean, it's called Korean Traditional Food Culture Experience Center (한국전통음식문화체험관). Do I need to explain more?!?!? They are famous for having this huge jangdokdae, big jars to ferment and store Korean sauces like soy sauce, soybean and red pepper paste. They make their own sauces in a traditional way to cook their food. The food wasn't fancy, but we could tell the ingredients were fresh which made everything delicious. 

You can plan a trip to Pyeongchang all year around. Please check out my next post on Pyeongchang in winter. 

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