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Today, I would like to introduce a show that your whole family can enjoy! You may already have heard of Nanta, a "a non-verbal performance integrating Korean traditional Samulnori rhythm". They have been running this show since 1997! The setting takes in the kitchen and the actors use different kitchen tools to make sounds in the traditional Korean Samulnori rhythm. Since it's non-verbal, people of all nationalities and ages can enjoy it. It's funny, energetic, cultural, and entertaining for the whole family. There are many theaters in Seoul and now in Jeju. You can find more information and book your tickets on their website. 👉 www.nanta.co.kr

My husband and I just had our 12th wedding anniversary and we celebrated it by having a whole Nanta experience. This is the second time watching the show for my husband and I, and I knew my kids would also enjoy it and we've been waiting for the right timing. As I expected, my kids were laughing and giggling the whole time! And my oldest Jacob even got picked to go up on the stage for one of the audience participation acts. We couldn't record anything, but he received this picture as a thank you gift after the show! 

Now, pictures from the actual show!

(*pictures provided by Nanta)

After the show, we also had a chance to visit the Nanta academy where the cast practice and received drum lessons from one of the cast members! The teacher made it really simple and easy to follow along that even my kids could learn and have fun. By end of the 50 minute lesson, we were able to perform the end act of the Nanta show! This was so much fun especially right after watching the show. I highly recommend the whole Nanta experience as a whole family. It's not only fun, but it was a good bonding experience for us. 


Here is a video of our final performance! 

They will open up the lesson at the academy starting June 15th on every Saturday at 4:30pm for an hour. You will be able to book it on their website starting from June 1st. 2-20 people in each class depending on how many people sign up and cost is 30,000 won per person. 

Thanks to Nanta family, we had a wonderful time celebrating our wedding anniversary with our kids! We are blessed beyond words. So thankful for my family. 💗

Our wedding on April 27th, 2007 in Maui

*Complimentary tickets were received for this post.

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