by - February 13, 2019

Our little girl turned 6 last week and we had a magic themed birthday party! I am going to miss her being 5. I specifically remember enjoying age 5 myself. I love that they can communicate better, they can actually do things like arts and crafts themselves, and are able to do more fun things like swimming or riding a bike and growing more independent. I felt like they had many visible and exciting milestones at age 5. Katherine really excelled in her drawing skills, became a pro at cutting and gluing and creating things using her imagination, she can jump rope more than 10 times, play piano, and loves playing board games.

So to celebrate all of her accomplishments in turning 6, we had a party with our close friends. She is surrounded by boys all the time, so she is not that into princess stuff or anything girly, so I wanted something that both girls and boys would enjoy. So, we hired a magician that does events and parties for kids. He will come to your location! He performed magic tricks and made balloon animals for about an hour and lead the birthday song and cake time. Both parents and kids seemed to enjoy the entertainment. Afterwards, we had pizza and snacks that I prepared for lunch. You always end up doing more than you anticipate when you are throwing a party, but having a magician and ordering pizza definitely made it easier overall and I was thrilled to have this special birthday party for our birthday girl!

I highly recommend him if you are looking for something different for your kid's next birthday party. 

Here is magician Leo's information:

Thank you for coming to celebrate Katherine's 6th birthday friends! 😊

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