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Hello fall! Fall is here and it's going to pass by before you know it. It's time to take out those cozy blankets and sweaters, and plan your fall activities! To welcome fall, one of the first things we do is go apple picking. You can read our previous apple picking trips here on πŸ‘‰ GLAMPING AND APPLE PICKING NEAR SEOUL post.

This year, we went to Gangwondo for apple picking and beach fun with 3 other families. Gangwondo is only a 2 hour drive from Seoul which makes it a great place for a weekend getaway all year round. To kick off our trip, we first visited μ–΄λ‹¨λ†μ›, All-Dan Farm in Gangneung for some chestnut and apple picking. We started out with the chestnuts, but not for too long since it was getting a little scary. Spikes from the chestnut shell were sharp and they kept falling from the trees and the thought of one of them hitting our heads made us afraid to stay longer. So, we moved on to apple picking and both kids and adults had a great time picking and eating apples. I must say, these apples were so crisp and tasty! This farm also has rabbits, pigs, and ducks. Overall, it's a great place for kids to enjoy nature and run around.


강원도 κ°•λ¦‰μ‹œ ꡬ정면 ꡬ정둔지길 29-13
Gangwondo Gangneungshi Gujungmyun Gujungdoonji-gil 29-13
*No reservation necessary 
5,000 won for 1 kg of anything you pick
They have chestnuts, apples, Korean pears, and persimmons depending on the season.

When you are in Gangwondo, you can't help but visit the beach. Since we have kids, we decided to go to the water park by the beach. We thought it would have access to the beach, but unfortunately they have already closed the beach entrance from the water park so we could only view the beach from our pool. But the view was amazing nonetheless and kids had so much fun splashing in the pool and riding the water slides. Adults also enjoyed soaking in the hot jacuzzi pools and massaging water jets! πŸ˜† 

DaeMyung Sol Beach Aqua World in Yang Yang 
Website in English:

We stayed over night at DaeMyung Del Pino Resort. We picked this place mainly because our husbands wanted to play golf here in the morning. πŸ˜… We also love it here. It's surrounded by the mountains, and the view is absolutely breath taking. We have visited Del Pino Resort many times in the past and it was fun to look back to our old pictures here. This place is our go to place to stay in Gangwondo and it never disappoints. 

Us in 2012

Us in 2014

Us in 2018

DaeMyung Del Pino Resort 
Website in English:

After the men's golf round, we ate lunch at the resort and left for Sokcho beach before heading back home. The water was icy cold, but it was a perfect day for sand play and throwing balls around on the beach. Of course our kids got wet and it was horrible trying to wash sand off their clothes, but it's all part of having fun with the kids, right? Kids get into a mess, and you clean up their mess. πŸ˜† I hope you get to enjoy this beautiful fall weather before it gets too cold!

Where to next? 😏

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