by - May 06, 2018

Calling on all Pokemon lovers!! We just came back from Pikachu Pokemon World Festival in Songdo, Incheon celebrating Children's Day and I wanted to share all the details so you can enjoy the festival to the fullest.

First, the festival is going on now until May 27th at Triple Street Mall in Songdo. The highlight of the festival is Pikachu parade and dance time where 9 lovable Pikachus come out and dance on the stage. I must say they were pretty adorable to watch. They only have Pikachu performances on weekends plus May 7th and 22nd at 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00pm at section C Maple Park Stage. It's a big outdoor stage, so you won't miss it. Get there early if you want to get good seats. They are also giving out Pikachu balloons for free to the first 1,000 people at section C Green Square starting at 10:30am, again only on weekends plus May 7th and 22nd. You can also buy it for 10,000won if you don't get there in time. Also on weekends including the 7th and 22nd, the first 1,000 kids get a Pokemon tattoo in section D B1 in front of YoungPoong stationary store starting at noon. There is also a Pokemon popup store until May 7th that is filled with Pokemon cards, dolls, toys, and accessories at section B Art Street. Since all the major events are only available on the weekends, I highly recommend visiting on a weekend even though it may be more crowded.

Where is Jacob? 😏

Other than these events, there are mural walls, statues, giant balloons, and areas that are filled with Pikachus and other Pokemon characters throughout the mall that you can take pictures and play in.

There are also five Pokemon missions your kids can complete throughout the mall. You get a stamp when you finish a mission at each section and when you complete all five, you get two drawing tickets to win prizes. These missions are not worth waiting in line for, but if there is no line it's something to keep your kids entertained. My kids liked the fact that they had these missions to complete and getting the stamps. If you want your kids to participate, you have to download Triple Street App and show it at the information desk in section C. Once they check that you have downloaded the app, they will give you a stamp card and paper Pikachu sun cap for each person in your family. One tip if you want to do this is, pick which time you want to watch the Pikachu dance show and complete the mission during the other show times. The majority of people will stop whatever they are doing to come and watch Pikachu perform so the lines get empty!

I think that's about it with the activities. Triple Street is a huge mall with Hyundai outlet mall just across the street, so there are many restaurants, cafes, and stores you can enjoy in between all the Pokemon activities. We parked at section C parking lot since all the major events and food court were there. Parking is free at Triple Street, so please park at the parking lot instead of on the streets. They totally created traffic when we were leaving!! Other than that, go and enjoy Pokemon Festival this May! I definitely became a fan of Pikachu after this weekend. We ended the night with Pikachu dance performance and fireworks for the Children's Day! 🙌

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