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Happy spring everyone! Is everyone enjoying the spring flowers?? We were planning on going to see cherry blossoms this weekend, but the weather didn't allow us to take the kids out. It was windy, rainy, cold, and of course the air quality was not healthy. We would've been all miserable being outdoors, trying to squeeze in a family photo with cherry blossoms, and trying to avoid the crowd at the same time. So, we went to a kids cafe that I had an eye on for awhile. It's called Play in Museum in Banpo Hangang Park. It's in one of the floating buildings there.

The pictures on social media looked really nice, but I was hesitant because of the price. I usually take my kids to a kids cafe when the weather is really bad or we have a few hours between events, so we usually wouldn't pay 62,000won (family of 5) for a kids cafe. But I would have to say it was one of the most interactive kids cafes we've been to and the view was definitely a plus. We enjoyed our 2 hours of play including adults, as you can see in the pictures. 😅So in conclusion, I would definitely go back for a play date with one or two of my kids, but maybe not with the whole family. We went on Saturday morning when it opened at 10AM and we had the whole place to ourselves for a good hour and it wasn't too crowded even when we were leaving at 12PM.

It's divided into two floors. First floor has a kitchen, sitting area, trampoline, air pipes, building blocks and pipes, and a party room.

We didn't eat anything here because menu looked expensive and we didn't want to waste time eating, but spend all two hours playing. But food smelled good!

Upstairs has the famous ball pool, sandbox type of play area, but instead of sand it's filled with tiny colored rocks, outdoor patio, art studio, and more sitting area. 

Look at that view! 👍

Play In Museum

    Phone number: 070-7700-4556

    Park at the Banpo Bridge Hangang Park Parking lot (3,000 won for 2 hours) 

평일 (Week Day) 14:00 - 20:00 
주말 (Weekend)  10:00 - 20:00
요일 휴관 (Closed on Mondays)

Weekday 15,000won for 2 hours (Child)
Weekend 18,000won for 2 hours (Child)
                  4,000won for 2 hours (Adult) 

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    1. Hello! PIM looks awesome. My family and I are traveling to Seoul with an 11-month old. Would you recommend PIM for a kid that age? Or is this place more suited for older kids? Thanks!