by - January 02, 2018

Wow, I can't believe it's 2018! Just like that 2017 is gone. As much as I love ringing in the New Year, it also makes me feel sad thinking that time is going by way too fast. But at the same time, I love the New Year because it represents a new beginning, fresh start, and new hope. It's time for reflection and to plan and look forward to the future.

2017 was challenging, but it was a great year for our family. We celebrated our 10th anniversary, Jacob lost his first tooth, Miles was potty trained, I started SeoulfulFamily Blog, and got to travel to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and different parts of Korea. We were for the most part all healthy and accident free and we didn't get pregnant or have another baby! 😅 And we did ring in the new year the best possible way. Here is what we did and some of the things that I look forward to in 2018.

We went to say good bye to the last sunset of 2017 at Wang San Marina and had grilled calms for our last meal of 2017.

We stayed at Grand Hyatt in Incheon right by the airport which is one of the kid friendliest hotels we've stayed in Korea. This is our second stay here and if you are interested in staying here during warmer months, you can read my last post CHUSEOK TRIP TO INCHEON to get an idea.

 Plane watching from our room.

We bought champagne and strawberries from Emart next door from the hotel and got room service to deliver a bucket of ice and champagne glasses for us and played in our room until our kids passed out. My husband and I snuck out of our room for a new year countdown at the Paradise City Hotel right next door and we ran as fast as we could, but we were 10 seconds too late. HAHA! It was still fun running hand and hand in our pajamas in the freezing cold passing all the Christmas lights only to walk in at 12:00:10. Then we had to hurry back to our room to make sure our kids were still sleeping and we are not going to get in trouble.

On January 1, 2018, we had buffet breakfast at the hotel, my husband and I took turns watching the kids so we could each use the gym and sauna. Then we took the kids out to the playground before we checked out.

We stopped by Masirang Cafe for some baked goods and coffee with the ocean view.

And we stopped by the road to watch planes land at the Incheon Airport before heading home.

And here are few things that I am looking forward to in 2018~

1. Pyeongchang Winter Olympics! My family immigrated to the States in 1988 when Seoul hosted Summer Olympics and I can't believe we are here 30 years later when Korea will be hosting the winter Olympics. So excited.

2. Jacob will be graduating pre-school that he attended for 4 years in February and will be starting first grade in March. To be honest, I am so anxious for myself. My baby will be attending regular Korean public school. Both my husband and I have no idea what to expect and we're just hoping we made the right decision. The first child is always hard because whatever he does, it's always the first time for us too.

3. I am turning 40 this year! Yikes. Not sure how I should feel about this but I am excited about my girls trip to BARCELONA in June with my favorite girls! 🙌

4. We are going home!! I mean we will be visiting the States this summer from June to mid August. We are super excited because we haven't visited in 5 years! So excited to see our family and have them meet Miles in person.

5. I am hoping I will be done with my braces and be able to show off my straight teeth by sometime this year. Maybe I will plan a family photo shoot to celebrate. 😀

6. No more diapers for us this year!!!!!!!!! That's something to be celebrated since we have had diapers for over 6 years without any break. Our third was potty trained this summer, but we kept his diaper on at nights, but we finally took them off on the last day of 2017. New beginning everyone, new beginning. What should we do with this extra diaper money?

7. We are applying for Miles' US citizenship this year. We are hoping we will get to do the interview in VA when we visit this summer. Please pray that this process will go smoothly so that Miles will become legally our son in the States as well. You can read our OUR ADOPTION STORY 👈.

So many exciting things coming up this year, but I am hoping we will be all healthy and be thankful because really, without health and family none of the above really matters. Thanks for reading and I wish you a year full of hope, love, health, and adventures! Cheers to 2018!

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