by - June 15, 2017

Hi, there! Did you know that this coming weekend is a Father's Day weekend?? I didn't! 😱 Am I the only one? I was just reminded by another mom on Instagram, which is why I decided to write this post. For those of you that had no idea that this coming Sunday is Father's Day like me and need to think fast what to get for your husband, but your husband is the most low maintenance person and if he's being honest he doesn't care too much for sentimental cards made by your toddlers...this post is for you! Now, get to work to make your husband and father feel awesome this Sunday and you can thank me later. 😁 These are service oriented ideas since my husband's love language is service and he is extremely hard to shop for!

Father of my boys that they look up to! 😆

1. Guys Trip

Two years ago, some of my friends and I got together and planned a surprise Father's Day trip to go glamping for a night. If you are not familiar with glamping, it's basically like camping, but everything is already set up for you including food so you don't have to take or setup anything. You can learn more about our glamping experiences here in Korea on my Glamping and Apple Picking near Seoul post. So basically, all I did was search for glamping sites close by, book, and pay. We surprised them on Father's Day Sunday after church. And off they went! And I think it is safe to say that all three guys had a great time.

Some other ideas for guys trip would be a golf trip, fishing trip, or wine tasting trip. Whatever your husband and his friends might enjoy. And I know that guys can plan their own trips and sometimes they do, but what makes it special is that you planned the trip yourself and it releases any guilt they might feel asking for your permission. You are gladly letting them go with your blessing.

2. Date Night

I added a date night here because usually what happens with us is that, I tell my husband where I want to go for a date night expecting him to plan everything. 😅 If you are like me, I think it would be nice to plan out a date night around places that he would like to go and things that he enjoys doing for once. You have to find a sitter, make reservations, put on some make-up and let him know that you are really enjoying his company by laughing at all his jokes throughout the night. 😉 I did this for our 10th year anniversary. I found a sitter and surprised him with Coldplay concert tickets since he loves music! I had to get some help from friends to get the tickets since they sold out as soon as they went on sale, which added some dramatic effect. Honestly, at first he didn't show much appreciation because he usually doesn't like surprises, but after the concert, he thanked me 50 times saying he loved it! I must say though, Coldplay were pretty amazing. 👏


3. Coupons

I love service coupon ideas since like I said, my husband's love language is service! There are many Father's Day coupon ideas, printables and templates online. I like templates like this one from Nellie Design so that you can write your own service that suits your husband or father. You can also have fun with this and get your children involved too! I love it because it doesn't cost a lot, but it's still thoughtful and practical, something that my husband would love.

Some of my ideas would be:
Sleep in Saturday Morning
Kids bath duty
Massage name the few. 😜 Share if you have any good ideas!

4. Spa Day

Who says men don't enjoy a spa day?!?!? Getting older for us parents and getting older for kids have totally opposite effects. Our bodies slow down while they get stronger and faster and we can't keep up with young energetic toddlers that won't slow down. My husband has been complaining about his back ever since we had kids, so I think he would really appreciate getting a nice massage from a professional and not just by me or kids.


5. Free Day

What is something that doesn't cost anything, takes no effort or planning, but still your husband will love? A free day for himself to do whatever he pleases! You might want to give him some ideas since he might be brain dead with all the freedom you give him. 😁 He can go to a cafe to read, go on a hike, or go biking, meet up with his friends, go play some sports, or go shopping just for himself or go for a drive. Whatever he does I am sure he will appreciate some time alone. Free Day would be a great addition if you want to make a coupon book!

I hope this post was somewhat helpful. Just remember, you don't have to spend a lot of money or time to show men in your life that you love and appreciate them. Maybe what our fathers need right now more than ever is sincere encouragement...

I love you. Thank you. You are important to me. I appreciate all that you do. Happy Father's Day! 💓

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