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by - April 09, 2017

The weather is finally warming up and flowers are starting to bloom! Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons, but for many it's a season of watery eyes and runny nose from pollen and yellow dust. For those of you who are suffering from allergies or worried about air population in Seoul, I have a perfect indoor activity for the whole family.

As many of you already may know, Jamsil is jam packed with fun-filled activities for kids thanks to Lotte - Lotte World, Pororo Park and now Lotte World Tower just to name a few. Today I would like to share about Team Lab World located in the same mall as Lotte World theme park that is less overwhelming for both kids and parents 😉, but just as fun, engaging and even educational. The whole place is created with kid friendly activities based on lights and digital screens.

Here are some pictures from our visit. We went on Saturday morning right before it opened at 10AM and to my surprise, it wasn't crowded at all. We were second in line at the door. So I would recommend visiting early in the morning if you have young kids.

The entrance is a bit hidden next to the main ticket booths of Lotte World in B1. There are no visual signs, so you might have to ask people to point you to the right direction.

Like I said, this whole place is based on lights and screens, and the whole park is dark especially at the entrance. So keep this in mind if your kids are scared of the dark. Once inside, the venue is lit enough and filled with enough activities so I don't think most kids will have any issues with the darkness. And you have to leave the strollers outside, so make sure to take a baby carrier for your little ones.

This is the first room where the whole place is lit up by flower images that make you feel like you are walking into snowing flowers.

 Do you see us?? 😀

Digital Art is where you color an image to be scanned and projected on to a big screen where your image comes alive! This must be getting really popular because this is the third venue that we visited recently that had this. You can tell this place had the best technology though because the quality of the screen was much better than other places. My kids love this activity, so no complaining here. There are three sections where your kids can do this with different themes, so don't spend all your time in one place.

First one is "Sketch Aquarium" where the images are sea creatures and it gets projected on to a big ocean screen.

Daddy's octopus and Jacob's sea horse 👆

Katherine looking for her big fish.

Right next to the Sketch Aquarium, there is an interactive screen where different images pop and move around as you touch them. You can tell they invested in some great artists because the images were quite beautiful.

Then you go down to a "Light Ball Orchestra" section where my kids spent the longest time in. There are giant lighted balls that you roll around that change colors and make different sounds.

And of course the slides!

Right next to it is another digital art area called, "Graffiti Nature" where the images are small lizards and frogs that hop and move on the ground.

Next is "Connecting! Train Blocks" station where you place blocks on the table to design a train track and road as if you are building your own town or city. The projector above detects the blocks and casts roads, rivers, and airplanes on the canvas depending on where you place the blocks.

Connecting blocks to make train tracks, bridges, and roads.

There is also a sky view. 

My two younger kids didn't care for this all that much, but my almost 6 year old really enjoyed this.

Moving on to another digital art, "Sketch Town" where the theme is different modes of transportation.

This activity never gets old with my kids.

Katherine following her rocket ship.

Then there was "Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses"- where you create your own stepping bridge to cross the river. 

And...yes, there is more!

"100 Years Sea [running time 100 years]"...

 and "100 Years Sea Animation Diorama" where you feel like you are floating on water when you sit or lay on the mat to watch the moving sea.

And last, but not least is "Crystal Universe".

Open Hours: 
10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Children 25 months to 12 years old  24,000won
20% off during weekday 19,200won

12 years + 20,000won
10% off during weekday 18,000won 

Tmembership 20%

The price includes 1 hour free parking. After one hour, you can buy parking coupon for 1,700won per hour. Do save receipts for drinks and food that you might spend at the mall for parking. 

We visited teamLab World just in time for the Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival across the street, so we had to stop by! 

I hope air stays clear so we can enjoy all the great things that spring has to offer! 

*Complimentary tickets were received for this post.

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