Namsangol Hanok Village

by - January 31, 2017

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

We spent our lunar new year with family and friends, and also visiting Namsangol Hanok Village for lunar new year festivities. This is our second year visiting Namsangol Hanok Village for the lunar new year and thinking about making this a part of our annual family tradition. If you want to experience something traditional, but want to avoid all the tourists and something low key, I highly recommend Namsangol Hanok Village. Yes, there are tourists here too, but it's not nearly as busy as the well known palaces, and it's located right at the center of the city. They do have some paid parking spots in front of the entrance. It is located just a few minutes walk from Chungmuro Station exit 3 or 4, so I recommend taking the subway if you can. 

During Lunar New Year festivities, they have food trucks, special performances, and traditional games and activities like kite and mask making which is why we like visiting here on Lunar New Year.

Eating Ho-Dduk and Oh-dang, our favorite street food.

Yes, Lunar New Year festivities are over, but there are special performances and activities going on throughout the year. And I wanted to share about the children's play that they are having for next two weekends. These 50 minute plays are in Korean only. Here are the storylines.

Paper Daddy: 
This is a story about a girl name Eunji that wants to play with her daddy, but he is always too busy. One day, someone comes and gives her daddy a shot and turns him into paper and the wind carries him out the window. This is a story about Eunji's journey to find her daddy and bring him back home safely. 

Adventures of Blue Bunny, Lullu
In an imaginary land, there is a dreamer that collects and protects children's dreams in a light ball, but he gets kidnapped by an evil witch that puts children's dreams in danger. So blue bunny, Lullu and a grandpa goes on an adventure to save the dreamer that protect the childrens' dreams. This play incorporates lights and shadows. 

Children 10,000won
Adults 5,000won 
Please book online before you go.

My kids enjoyed the play, but don't expect Disney quality. 😅 Also, my 3 year old (almost 4) got a little scared when they turned off the lights. These plays were perfect for 5-7 year olds. 

So, if you don't have any plans the next two weekends, how about visiting Namsangol Hanok Village to watch a play with your kids, have some traditional tea, and enjoy a walk around the village? It is also a great place to take family photos! 

We met these tourists from Malaysia that loved our kids and wanted to take a picture with us! It's always fun to meet new friends from all over the world.

Once again, Happy Lunar New Year! 😊

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